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PT series

PT series
Cast iron centre with Revvothane polyurethane tyre
Steel centre - 050 and 063 wheel

Standard finish: Tan tyres, clear laquer centres
Type hardness: 92 - 97 shore A
Effective temperature range: -30°C to +80°C


Wheel Characteristics
Revvothane wheels, 150 diameter and above are tyred in Vulkollan® and have a high tear strength, exceptional abrasion resistance and up to ten times the life of equivalent rubber tyred wheels under similar conditions and load.

Load capacities are up to three times that of similar rubber wheels, enabling the use of a smaller diameter wheel if required.
Vulkollan® tyred wheels also offer excellent recovery from long periods of heavy static loading combined with low rolling resistance and floor saving.

Resistant to a wide range of oils, greases and chemicals. Sensitive to hydrolysing agents such as hot water, steam and hot moist air, strong acids and alcohols.

Humid conditions
A special grade of polyurethane tyre has been developed for use in humid conditions without effecting the load rating. Substitute the letters PT in the catalogue reference with WC


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