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Wheels arrow PT Designer range series

PT Designer range series

PT Designer range series
Dimension D is maximum boundary bore diameter.


This range of wheels, based upon the popular PT series, provide the design engineer with a range of Vulkollan® polyurethane tyred wheels with specific boundary dimensions into which can be incorporated bearings, bores or keyways as required. 

Making your wheel selection has been made easy by using the four part code system as illustrated:

wheel tread wheel bore diameter width series diameter

wheel diameter tread width

Wheel Series

     bore diameter
        300         75       PT  2         35
Bearing type code
Plain bore
Roller bearing
Ball journal
Taper roller
Keyway to BS4235



Example: The first wheel listed in the chart if fitted with a 20mm ball journal bearing would therefore be coded 75-35-PT2-20 If a 3/4” taper roller bearing was fitted, the code would be 75-35-PTT-0.75

Notes on product selection
To provide the design engineer with maximum flexibility, the stated wheel loadings are for operation under ideal conditions, ie. the wheel operates infrequently on a smooth surface without axial loading.
The stated wheel loadings must be reduced as below for operation under any of the following conditions:
Frequent use in excess of 45 minutes continuous operation reduce loadings by 25%
Driving applications reduce loadings by 30%
Speeds 6-10kph reduce loadings by 20%
Speeds 10-16kph reduce loadings by 30%

The above reductions are cumulative if more than one of the conditions exists.
Please contact our technical department for advice if the wheel is to be subjected to high humidity, speeds in excess of 16kph, exposure to chemicals, steering or running on a curved surface.
NB: Wheels with 75mm and 100mm tread diameter do not have a grease nipple fitted. Therefore, when ball journals are required they are supplied pre-lubricated, double shielded unless otherwise specified.


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