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Flexello Castors arrow WSU series

WSU series

WSU series
Superthane-polyurethane tyred, cast iron centred wheel loads up to 6120kg.


WSU Series
Superthane-polyurethane tyred, cast iron centred wheel. Heavy duty – plain, roller, ball journal or tapered roller bearing.

† Spacer washers are available to increase hub width to 60mm.
* These wheels are fitted with taper roller bearings for use in KV and KVF castors and have axle tubes to reduce the bore from the 31/4 ” of the inner component of the taper roller bearing to the 12mm diameter of the High Tensile axle bolt used on all KV and KVF Series castors.

Flexello-Superthane wheels combine the load capacity and wear resistance of cast iron with all the advantages of a soft resillient tread. High load capacity is coupled with a comparitively low tractive resistance. The tear strength is 2 to 5 times greater than that of natural rubber and the high abrasion resistance ensures a life which exceeds a rubber tyre by over 10 times.


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