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Twin wheel pivoting axle castors for loads up to 6 tonnes


Developed to further enhance the range of EH and EHF swivel and fixed castors, these castors are designed to meet the high load capacity and speed requirements of cargo dollies and industrial and freight handling trailers.

The combination of high load and the speed and distance of operation, imposes the need for a heavy section to give the necessary level of performance. However, for operational reasons and to conform to international standards, trailer deck heights are restricted. limiting choice of wheel.

The ‘Towtrailer’ system uses swivel and matching fixed castors, which have wheels in pairs on an offset axle pivoting at its midpoint. The design incorporates a frictional dampening system which eliminates the ‘wheel patter’ which occurs with a free pivoting axle. This protects the system form the high impact forces which can result in damage and premature failure. The combination of the frictional dampening and the resilience of the cushion tyres minimises the transmission of shock loads and vibration to the cargo. The standard twin wheel pivoting axle system is designed for gross loads up to 6 tonnes, and operates at speeds up to 15 kph. The swivel castors utilise the EH 3 tonne capacity swivel head with opposed taper roller bearings and a 125mm offset pivoting axle with integral hubs to mount the twin detachable resillient cushion tyred wheels.

The matching fixed castors have a similar offset pivoting axle with integral hubs, incorporating single cable operated drum brakes and twin detachable
resillient cushion tyred wheels.

The Towtrailer system is designed for power towing at speed but the design also permits the ready handling of empty trailers on a manual basis.

6 Tonnes Nominal Trailer System


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