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Flexello Castors arrow KV-KVF series

KV-KVF series

KV-KVF series
Heavy duty fabricated castors loads up to 1600kg.








KV series
Tapered roller and ball bearing swivel castors. (Conforms to ISO 2184, Class 4)

KVF series
Matching fixed castors. Load capacity up to 1600kg per castor.

2-Way Directional Lock
(Available on 150, 200 and 250mm dia. swivel castors except those with 76mm wide tread wheel).
Converts swivel castors to a fixed castor by the release of a spring loaded plunger. The locked direction of travel is in line with the longer side of the top plate.
Add suffix ‘L’ to castor code.

Combined Swivel and Wheel Lock

Provides positive locking of both the swivel head and the wheel in any position. The spring loaded plunger released by light hand or foot pressure on the lever automatically engages both locks.
Available on the following castors
Not available with any adaptions.


KV and KVF Series with Alternative Top Plate
KV and KVF Series castors are available with top plates conforming to our previous dimensions.
To order delete M4 from castor code.



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