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Flexello Castors arrow EH-EHF series

EH-EHF series

EH-EHF series
Extra heavy duty fabricated castors loads up to 7 tonnes


EH series
Tapered roller bearing swivel castors.

EHF series
Matching fixed castors. Load capacity up to 7025kg per castor.
2-Way Directional Lock
(Swivel castors only). Converts swivel castors to fixed castors by the release of a spring loaded plunger. The locked direction of travel is in line with the longer side of the top plate.

Shock Absorbing Castors
The castors are rated at 2000kg for Ideal Working Conditions. The spring rate is chosen to keep wheel ‘bounce’ to an absolute minimum and provide stable platform for quick transfer of loaded pallets from trailer to deck and vice versa.

EH-plate-1 EH-plate-2 EH-plate-3


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