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Fabricated Steel Castors arrow TSH-TFH series

TSH-TFH series

TSH-TFH series
Kingpinless heavy duty steel castors with single or twin wheels


Swivel castors
This range of robust single and twin wheel castors is the most comprehensive of its style in the world. The Kingpinless swivel has a heavy duty forged steel top plate joined to an outer swivel ring by a full complement ball race running in hardened tracks. The race serves as both a thrust and radial bearing and is provided with a nylon seal at the top and greased through a hydraulic nipple. The closed base of the ring prevents downward escape of the lubricant and completes the grease reservoir. The sideplates are press formed to a cylindrical shape to give the best strength to weight ratio and are continuously welded to the swivel ring.

Fixed Castors
TFH castors have heavy gauge press formed sideplates welded to the top plate.

Rectangular top plates
Top plates are available as shown in the line drawings on the facing page. The standard top plate has been designed to include slots that combine our original 120 x 60mm centres with ISO 105 x 80 and DIN 105 x 75mm centres. To obtain the alternative ISO 105 x 140mm top plate add suffix T05 to the cat. ref. (This is not available on 2FH castors).

Metal swivel seal
This is fitted as standard on 2SH twin castors and is available in place of the nylon seal on TSH castors for use in temperatures above 60oC. To obtain this add suffix Z to the catalogue reference.
Maximum towing speed 6 kph


Swivel castors only A simple hand operated parking lock

Add suffix W to catalogue reference


Swivel castors only
A four-station plunger lock converting swivel castors into fixed for straight line travel

Add suffix D to catalogue reference



Swivel castors with 125-300mm PT wheel only
The foot pedal clamps a spring across the wheel & swivel,locking them both (F), or the wheel only is braked (B)

Add suffix F or B to catalogue reference



150, 200mm swivel castors only
Standard top plate only

Rocking pedal presses a plunger onto the wheel & also locks swivel
Height increased by 32mm

Add suffix L to catalogue reference



TSH-TFH series
Loads up to 1500 kg













*Using wheels from the Revvo PT designer range


When fitting at 120 x 60mm hole centres use 12mm diameter bolts

When fitting at 105 x 80/75mm hole centres use 10mm diameter bolts


Alternative top plate.
Fixing holes to suit 1/2” diameter bolt.

Add suffix T24 to catalogue reference

Alternative top plate. Fixing holes to suit 12mm diameter bolt

Add suffix T05 to catalogue reference


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