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Stainless Steel Castor

Revvo’s Stainless Steel range of castors have been designed for use in harsh environments. They are suited to applications where exposure to moisture, cleaning agents, steam and caustic or other corrosive chemicals are present and would otherwise cause corrosion in steel castors. The castors are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.


Stainless Castor

Stainless Steel Castor  











The castor range comprises swivel castors with combined swivel and wheel brake, double ball bearing swivel head with a seal for top plate fitting castors. The castors are available fitted with either Prevenz™ Nylon Antimicrobial wheels or Prevenz™ Performa Antimicrobial wheels.
Stainless Castor
The features of Prevenz™ are as follows:
  • Suppresses growth of microbes.
  • Helps control bacteria, molds, mildew, fungi and odours.
  • Lasts the functional life of the product. Reduces wheel decay and deterioration.
  • Resists colour fading and discolouration to retain attractive appearance.
 Stainless Castor Outlines
Swivel & Wheel Brake - Foot operated pedal applies a brake to both the wheel and swivel head, available on both Nylon and Performa SS & BS series. To order add suffix SWB to the castor code.


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