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Castor reference guide

 Catalogue reference guide

To ensure that you obtain the exact Revvo product you require, we employ catalogue reference codes that are used at all stages of production.  These define your requirements precisely. When ordering, you can be assured o receiving the right wheel or castor every time by using our simple system. The coding used is a form of shorthand, using letters as abbreviations of words, e.g. RU for Rubber tyred, NY for Nylon, S for Swivel Seal.  Castor prefixes are: T = Top Plate, B = Bolt Hole Fixing, S = Swivel Castor, F = Fixed Castor.  Numbers are used to give wheel diameters and metric bearing types.

The maximum length of any product code is 17 characters, but in many cases the code will be shorter.  For example, the code for a basic castor with a standard top plate will not require the parts of the code referring to fitting and features, reducing the reference to 10 characters.  Please also note that all castor references within this catalogue include the reference of the wheel fitted.  However, when ordering a wheel, only the wheel reference part of the code is used, reducing the reference to 7 characters.

Castor reference

The examples below shows all the characters in use and depicts relevant parts of the complete castor assembly - also shown is a complete wheel reference. 


Complete castor reference
Complete castor reference code

  Key reference Guide

 Key reference guide


Castor frame and series (4 series castor with top frame);

Castor frame and series


Wheel diameter in  mm (100mm diameter wheel)

Wheel diameter in mm


Wheel type ( nylon wheel)

Wheel type


Wheel bearing type (metric roller bearing)

Wheel type


Wheel series (wheel normally used in 4 series)

Wheel series


Fitting code (alternative top plate No.3)

Fitting code


Feature codes (Threadgaurds, Seal, Chrome finish, Brake)

Feature codes


Wheel reference (100mm nylon wheel with metric roller bearing)

Wheel reference


 Wheel bearings 

The four principle types of bearing used in Revvo wheels are shown below


Code 0 or P - Plain Bore

Code 0 or P - Plain Bore
Consists of an axle hole machined or moulded in the wheel centre.
Usually of cast iron or nylon. Suitable for light loads or where low rolling friction is not important


Code 2 or B - Ball Journal

 Code 2 or B - Ball Journal
Precision bearings with a spacer in between. Gives very low friction.Shielded to retain the grease and exclude grit. Inner bearing races need to be clamped endwise on assembly.


Code 1 or R - Roller Bearing

 Code 1 or R - Roller Bearing
The most popular low cost easy movement bearing. Widely used to reduce the manual effort to move heavy loads. This type of bearing needs no adjustment on the axle.
 Code 3 or T - Taper Roller
 Code 3 or T - Taper Roller
Precision taper bearing,metal seals and spacing washers. The best type for power towing applications. The axle assembly must provide for adjusting the bearing cones.

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