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The Revvo Castors Company are proud to announce our recent membership to Airport Suppliers." Please visit our directory listing to see our industry profile.



Towing ISO Containers doesn't have to be a "mission impossible" nor an expensive procedure.

towcastor2.jpgBased upon EH210 & EH312 castors, the Flexello Towcastor system has been developed to move ISO containers quickly and easily without the use of expensive equipment such as cranes, gantries, side loading fork lift trucks etc. Our Towcastor system give economy of storage by enabling containers to be manoeuvred and parked away from the lifting facility.


The Flexello Towcastor system is the ideal low cost solution for many applications such as container manufacture, repairing and marshalling for loading / unloading etc. towcastor.jpg


The Towcastors are specially designed for power towing up to 5 m.p.h and are suitable for empty or evenly loaded containers up to a gross weight of 12000kg.

With the towbar attachment locking into the front of containers any suitable tractive power can be used for safe and easy movement.

The system consists of four heavy duty fabricated castors (two swivel & two fixed) from the EH & EHF series with adaptor plates providing a positive lock by means of quick action securing screws into the corner brackets that are incorporated into ISO Freight Containers.

Flexello Towcastors are available with 250mm and 300mm diameter polyurethane tyred wheels. Each set consists of : towcastor_set.jpg

  • 2 Swivel Towcastors complete with locking screws
  • 2 Fixed Towcastors complete with locking screws
  • 1 Lifting handle
  • 1 Ratchet Spanner


As there are no protuding parts, containers can be positioned closed together without damage. Quick and easy fitting is facilitated by the special lifting handle and ratchet spanner used for tightening the locking screws, enabling castors to be fitted by one man. Moving a container  couldn't be easier!

For more information, visit our towcastors section.

ORDER your towcastors NOW, contact our dedicated salesteam.




In the construction industry falls from height are one of the largest causes of accidental injury or death. However accidents can be prevented if the right equipment is provided and properly used and maintained.


Providing a safe working platform when working at heights is crucial and companies have now to comply with The Work at Height (Amendment)Regulations 2007.

The Revvo Castor Company manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality scaffold castors suitable for aluminium towers, podiums and steel scaffolding. All types of scaffolding castors comply to the standards of DIN 4422 EN 1004 and BS1139.


The Revvo castor scaffolding range consist of three main types of castors with load capacities varying from 200 KG up to 1000 KG depending on the wheel diameter and material.

SS4 & SS5 Series – Used on galvanized steel scaffolding towers

SJE Series – Zero offset scaffolding castors conforming to BS EN 1004:2004; used on mobile aluminium scaffolding platforms. The zero offset feature contributes towards the operator safety.

SSD Series – used on low level access & work mobile platforms conforming to BS EN 2004:2004

The product range offers extensive options to enable compatibility with the scaffold industries range of galvanised steel or aluminum scaffold tubes and alternative fitting requirements.

Typical applications:

Civil engineering and building projects, access towers used on railway tracks, access steps, internal decorating & maintenance, sign installation, DIY and small trade works.

So if it’s scaffolding castors you are looking for, The Revvo Castor Company offers the most extensive range available at the most competitive prices.

Whether you are a civil engineering company requiring high quality scaffolding castors, a railway track maintenance company requesting special castors with nylon flanged wheels, or an individual wanting castors for DIY or small trade jobs, make sure you quote and request the Revvo brand. For more details contact our dedicated salesteam.


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